About Zena Holloway

Zena Holloway is a self taught artist and director specializing in underwater photography and working with the likes of GQ and the Financial Times. Holloway’s style deviates from the stereotypical factualness associated with underwater photography. There is an essence of reverie imbued in her photos. Where does she get the inspiration for this surreal quality? “The water acts as a blank canvas,” she replies. “What the camera might capture in reality is taken back a step and becomes more like a painting.”

Underwater Fashion Photographer

 Underwater fashion photographer photographer Holloway has achieved international success and is revered for her ability to create truly magical photographs. For well over a decade she has been commissioned widely for both advertising and editorials; including How to Spend it, 125, Tatler, Observer Magazine, Dazed & Confused, Nike, Umbro, Radox, Kylie Minogue, Sony, Speedo, Epson, Herbal Essences, National Geographic, Greenpeace and Jacuzzi.


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