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1-2 days

Contact us to check availability for specific dates.

If you are interested in a complete package, join our UW Video Workshop.

Did you just purchase a new underwater camera, housing or light? Are you overwhelmed by all the buttons, features and modes? Perhaps you’ve already owned your gear for a while, but you’re reluctant to take the plunge and step out of Auto mode, even if the results are not satisfying? Looking to brush up your underwater photography skills?
This is the workshop for you!

A lot of our customers fly into Cozumel for short or longer dive trips since it’s pretty easy to get there from the US and Canada and the diving is spectacular! If you have plans to dive in Cozumel and you need professional help with underwater photography, we have 2 great workshops planned for you guided by our UW Photo Expert – Ran Mor!


Workshops options:

  • One Day group workshop – $249 USD  pp (4+ Participants)
  • Two-Day group workshop – $349 USD pp (4+ Participants)
  • Two-Day private workshop – $550 USD 
  • Price for a private 1-day workshop and custom workshops available – Contact us.
  • See full itinerary in “Itinerary” tab – Flexible according to the participant’s needs.

What will we learn during the workshops?

  • Basic Introduction to underwater photography.
  • Different types of cameras and gear comparison.
  • Understand camera settings and how to adjust them for different types of shots (Shutter speed, aperture, ISO etc.)
  • Types of underwater lighting.
    Proper use and positioning of UW strobes.
  • Wide angle photography.
  • Composition and framing.
  • Shooting RAW – Why and how.
  • Post-processing – Editing your images to get the most out of them (Mostly using Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and Camera RAW). General pointers will be given for working with free software as well.
  • Shooting macro subjects, how to spot them, focusing techniques, using close-up lenses.
  • Lenses – For DSLR / Mirrorless shooters and wet lenses for compact shooters.

One Day Workshop Itinerary

  • 2 Theory Classes.
  • 2 Shore dives at Tikila beach.
  • Photo review.

2-Day Workshop Itinerary

Day 1:

  • 2 Theory Classes.
  • 2 Shore dives at Tikila beach.
  • Photo review.

Day 2:

  • Theory Class.
  • 2 Boat dives – Tanks and weights included.
  • Photo review.

Would you like to know more about Diving in Cozumel? CLICK HERE


Day 1

  • 2 Theory Classes.
  • 2 Shore dives at Tikila beach.
  • Photo review.

Day 2

  • Theory Class.
  • 2 Boat dives – Tanks and weights included.
  • Photo review.

Day 1

  • 3 Theory Classes.
  • Personalized lessons according to participants’ level and needs.
  • 2 Shore dive at Tikila beach.
  • Photo review.
Cozumel photography workshop
Cozumel dive trip - Ray
Sany beach - Cozumel
Corals and divers
Cozumel underwater photography 1
Diving in Cozumel - coral
Diving in Cozumel pic 1
Fun dive - Cozumel
Underwater photography - Shrimp
Underwater photography - Barracuda
Cozumel diving - Turtle
Cozumel underwarer
Cozumel diving - Angel Fish
Diver taking pics underwater
Underwater photographer Cozumel
Underwater photographer Cozumel 2
Underwater photography class
Underwater photography class 2

Trip Reviews

5.00 based on 2 reviews
March 15, 2016

WOW!!! Was I lucky! On March 11, 2016, I was in Cozumel, diving. Ran was in Belize, but was coming to Cozumel, so I met him for lessons on the bundle that I had bought from him, in Nov. I have had several underwater cameras and could figure out, nicely, how to use them. However, when I bought my Canon G16 and Fantasea light, I felt totally lost! I was in WAY over my head, as they were so much more sophisticated than my previous cameras. I spent the entire day with Ran, learning how to operate my new “toy”. Ran was an excellent teacher and overall really nice guy. I thought I might feel stupid, but he made everything so simple for me and encouraged me by saying I could do it. I NEVER would have been able to figure it all out, by myself. He was also very professional, patient and eager to answer all my questions. We had lots of fun, as well, so the lessons weren’t tedious. The plan was to also do a dive, together, so I could put my knowledge into action, however due to a horrible cold, I was not able to dive. I still think that I’m going to be able to use my new knowledge to take wonderful pictures. I also know that I can contact Ran, anytime, to get advice from him. He is truly a person who loves helping others. I would recommend, to anybody, not only buy great quality camera bundles, but to use Ran’s extensive knowledge of cameras and how to take underwater pictures. I could not be happier!!! Thank you, Ran!

February 13, 2017

Had an amazing time diving and learning from Ran last month in Cozumel! I have been a professional fine art photographer for over 10 years and was looking to get into UW photography. I have always preferred private or semi-private workshops over large classes, so I was excited when I found Aqua Spirits web site. Ran assisted in the UW housing purchasing decisions before meeting in Cozumel for the lessons. It was immediately apparent that Ran was extremely knowledgeable in every aspect of UW photography and that he enjoyed sharing this knowledge. I feel that I learned more from him in the 2 days of diving and lessons then I would have from other 5 day workshops.
I would highly recommend his workshops!
Sincerely, Alan Zakem.

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