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Turks and Caicos

About Turks and Caicos

Turks and Caicos are a group of islands which lay southeast of Mayaguana in the Bahamas Island chain. The capital since 1766, is situated on Grand Turk Island about 1,042 kilometres (647 mi) East-Southeast of Miami. Turks and Caicos consist of 40 different islands and cays, only 8 of which are inhabited. The islands have a total land area of 430 square kilometres (170 sq mi). The climate is very convenient with relatively consistent temperatures throughout the course of the year, between 26-30 Celsius during the days and 20-24 Celcius during the night. The rainy season runs from July to December. The islands are very diverse and have plenty to offer. All the islands are surrounded by crystal clear water and white sand as if taken straight out of a postcard. Providenciales is one of the most popular islands for turism. Grand Turk is the historical center of the Turks and Caicos and is known to have some of the best dive sites in the world. Salt Cay is the second largest of the Turks Islands and a place where time stands still. It’s a window to the past culture of the islands and a great spot for boat diving.

The Diving

Turks and Caicos is very diverse underwater just as it is above the water. The visibility here is between 100 to 200ft (30-66m!!).

Providenciales has more than 112 km (70 miles) of reefs and walls, and thanks to that, it has a huge variety of dive sites. Big formations of corals and shelves at different levels and depth can be found throughout the reefs. The marine life in the area is very healthy and diverse. Caribbean Reef Sharks are abundant and easy to spot, but if you’re lucky you might run into Lemon sharks, Hammerheads, Bull Sharks and Nurse Sharks as well as turtles, Eagle Rays, Manta Rays, and more… In winter time you can even get a glimpse of the amazing Humpback Whale while you’re on the boat catching sun.

Grand Turk has a 7000 ft drop-off only 1000 ft from shore, creating a large number of the most beautiful dive sites in the world. Here you can find something for every diver, from shallow reef at the top end of the wall to deep reefs full of adventures.

Salt Cay is The farther most island and thus the least crowded, both above water and below. The water temperature is warm (77-83 F) and visibility is very good. Salt Cay has a lot to offer underwater. Whales, Sting Rays, Turtles and sunken ships are just a few of the amazing thing you can see here. From February to early April you have a good chance of encountering Humpback Whales above the surface, and if you are really lucky, you might get a glimpse of them below. On certain months you can even spot Hammerheads here. Around the island there is a small number of dive sites. Shore dives for depths of 25-40 ft will reveal impressive Pinnacle Corals and swimming about 200m out would bring you to the drop-off of these shallow reefs. Boat dives are only 5-10 minutes from shore. Currents are fairly rare making the dives suitable for divers of all levels.

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