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Blissful Moments Above and Under The Water

Yoga and diving are intrinsically connected, through breathing. After practicing Yoga you feel inner bliss, very similar to the way you feel after diving. Both are a kind of meditation. It’s only natural to combine them into one epic trip.  We know that a lot of divers like to practice Yoga and a lot of Yogis likes to dive, so we made it easy – You don’t have to choose!

On our Dive Trips and Yoga Retreats, you will enjoy a week of diving in amazing spots around the world and deepen your Yoga practice while breathing the ocean air. We will host the best Yoga teachers who will help you dive deeper into Yoga at your own pace. Join us on a Dive and Yoga trip to unwind your mind and soul.

Dive and Yoga - Trip Leaders

Yoga retreat and Dive TripIyar Ben Yehuda will be leading our dive and Yoga trips. During her trips, you will practice Yoga and learn about the deeper meaning of Yoga while connecting to the ocean and yourself.
Many years ago while backpacking through India she understood that her passion in life is to master the traditions of yoga.
In 2011 she got her first yoga teachers training at “The Integrative Yoga School “.
Iyar studied East Asia studies at the University, majoring in India and Indian philosophy. During her studies, she taught private classes and group classes.
Over the years Iyar continued her studies in Ashtanga teachers training and in Hatha Yoga teachers training at the “The Yoga Institute”, Bombay.
In 2014 she moved to Hong Kong and continued teaching there. In Hong Kong, she expanded her expertise to incorporate alignment base vinyasa in her practice, under the guidance of Rinat Perlman.
Through her vast experience, her practice and teaching have developed and evolved. Her goal today is to create sequences that will challenge her students physically and mentally, each at his one pace.

Bonaire yoga class

Elisabetta Maccari will be leading our dive and Yoga trips around the world.

She is the only International Yoga Sensibile Teacher residing in Bonaire. “I feel like a gipsy! “Home is not a place… is a feeling”. She follows the summer and the passion for the sea and that is why, in the 1997, she became a scuba diving instructor.

After living in Italy, where she was born and she had the chance to learn to love the sea and the mountains, the snow and skiing, she has been living in Germany, Egypt, Thailand, Indonesia, Canaries, Seychelles, Mauritius, to finally land on Bonaire Island. After 20 years of practicing yoga, she is now teaching since 6 years, Yoga Sensibile in Bonaire. “Every day I find more analogies with scuba diving: the same going deep, the same attention to details, the same lightness and magic.”

Yoga on the beach in Bonaire

Bonaire Dive and Yoga

The perfect destination to unwind above and under the water!
1-3 Days