Imagine waking up in a tropical paradise, grabbing your dive gear, loading a couple of tanks on the back of your pick-up truck and heading out to explore the wonderful treasures hidden underwater around the island! This is what your average day looks like in Bonaire! No time limit, no tank limit, just you and

Shooting people UW is pure art. Benjamin Von Wong takes it to the next level. His latest work took place in Fiji, the South Pacific island nation. It involved a model acting as a “shark shepherd”, with a beautiful white dress and sharks swimming around her in a magical UW cave. To create the perfect

When you go to dive centers around the world, you will usually encounter a dive master who is 100% certain that he knows exactly how much weights you really need. In many cases, he will be wrong! Don’t let him decide for you. He is likely to give you a default answer which might be