Shooting people UW is pure art. Benjamin Von Wong takes it to the next level.
His latest work took place in Fiji, the South Pacific island nation. It involved a model acting as a “shark shepherd”, with a beautiful white dress and sharks swimming around her in a magical UW cave.

To create the perfect conditions for the shoot, Von Wong and his team had to do every thing in a two hour window (11am-1am) during the exact time when the sun rays enter the water in a perfect angle and the shark are most active. The amazing model Amber Bourke – a champion freediver, had to stay as still as possible so that the sharks will get close to her, you can see the surreal result yourself.

This project supports a great cause. Von Wong wants to raise awareness for the threat of extinction Sharks are facing. His goal is to create a no-kill policy for Sharks and to start a new dawn for these beautiful creatures.

If you find these shots magical and you wish to know how to take breathtaking photos of people underwater youself, you are welcome to join us on an UW fashion photography workshop with Zena Holloway.

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Danielle Mor
I love the ocean! I'm a Padi, SSI and ANDI dive instructor and a Watsu (Water Shiatsu) therapist. I've worked in Mexico, Israel, India and Croatia and led dive trips around the world. I think that we should be in the water as much as possible! Join me on my journey to explore the underwater world!