Conservation-minded scuba divers need to take note that oxybenzone, a UV-filtering agent commonly found in many sunscreens, has been found to harm coral, damaging already delicate ecosystems and helping to kill off reefs all around the world. A recent study published in Environmental Contamination and Toxicology suggests that just one drop of sunscreen in 3.9

Palau is made up of more than 350 of the most photogenic volcanic islands in the Pacific Ocean you’ll ever encounter. Its waters boast more than 1,300 species of fish and more than 800 species of corals and sponges. Palau dive sites are among the best in wold. You’ll also find that big pelagic encounters,

Bonaire Dive Sites | Before You Dive The best Bonaire dive sites offer visitors a chance to experience what Caribbean reefs were like 50 years ago. Your biggest challenge is choosing between all of the pristeine diving locations! These Sites are the Benchmark for Healthy Caribbean Reefs Bonaire dive sites are the benchmark for healthy

From adventuring through ancient underwater wrecks, to swimming amongst sharks and crocodiles in Palau, and drifting along the currents of Cozumel watching a spectacular array of marine life and corals drift past, there are epic diving adventures out there for anyone. Here are our top five! 1. Experience the Connection Between Dive and Yoga in

The hardest skill to master as a SCUBA diver is buoyancy control. That mid-water, floating-in-space, horizontal body position may look effortless, but learning to do it can be tricky and confusing. Buoyancy control is also the most important diving skill; in fact, it is the essence of diving, and a diver without buoyancy control is

For many divers, the experience of swimming in deep waters amongst a lively array of fish and underwater wildlife brings one an extreme sense of calm. Diving is closely linked to mindfulness, as the deep breathing techniques involved in the activity are quite similar to the benefits of breathing in yoga and meditation. Immersing yourself