Tuna Alley

Considered by many as one of the best dive sites in the Caribbean. Depth ranges between 50-100 ft (15-30m). On the dive site you can find an intricate coral system kept healthy thanks to the refreshing Gulf Stream. The site is located on the section of the wall going down to 100ft. At the top of the wall you can find a swim-through which ends at the bottom of the wall. Underneath there are multiple canyons which you can swim through. The name of the site has been given to it thanks to the large schools of Tuna passing through. In the deeper end, there’s a good chance to spot Loggerheads Turtles, Reef Sharks and Nurse Sharks.


The SS Sapooa started construction in 1911 by Henry Ford. Due to the scarcity of steel those days, the ship was made largely out of concrete. The length of the ship is 270ft. During World War I it was intended to be used as a cargo ship, but the war ended before the ship was completed in 1920. For some time it was used to transfer liquor such as rum and whiskey to the eastern U.S., during the Prohibition era. The ship ran aground in 1924 while being towed to Bimini, and two years later it was split in half by a devastating Hurricane, leaving it in the same spot you can find it today.

The wreck is clearly visible from the surface, protruding some 20 feet above the surface. The deepest part of the ship lies at 20ft of water and the wreck attracts a variety of marine life such as Trigger fish, Grunts and large Lobsters.

Victory Reef

The reef spreads 5 miles long and along it you can find many spectacular spots. The average depth of this site is 12 meters (40ft) and it goes as deep as 26m (85ft). The reef is situated close to the edge of the Gulf Stream, which creates fantastic visibility of over 100ft, and features impressive cliffs, swim throughs and caves. Along the reef you can spot Stream riders such as Turtles, Rays, Sharks and Tuna, but also local residents such Parrot Fish, Tangs, Angelfish and Spade Fish, as well as many other species. Spots worth getting to along the reef include Rainbow Valley and Sponge Gardens.

These are only a few of the many diverse and amazing sights Bimini has to offer. On other dive sites you can spot Hammerheads such as Piquet Rocks and other spots in the middle of the ocean. These giant beauties can be spotted mostly between December through April. The Bull Run dive site is a good place to spot Bull Sharks and Lemon Sharks.