Ran Mor | Co-Founder

Ran is the Co-Founder of “Dive and More”. He is an ocean lover, explorer, world traveler, entrepreneur, dive master, professional underwater photographer and a web expert, who loves to teach and share his experience with others.

Thanks to his experience at Mozaik Underwater Cameras, a leading retailer for underwater photography gear, founded by his brother Tal, Ran is always up to date with almost every existing camera, housing, strobe or accessory in the market and has personally tested a lot of gear. This accumulated knowledge is invaluable when assisting other aspiring photographers and teaching them about their own gear.

Ran’s mission is to share his love for the ocean with the world and his experience with UW photography, one person at a time.

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Join Ran On a Trip

Carpe Novo liveaboard Maldives
Early Bird!

Maldives 2020 UW Photo Trip aboard the Carpe Novo

Join us January 10 - 18, 2020 for the experience of a lifetime!
Dive trip in Palau
Fully Booked!

Palau UW Photo Workshop - Ocean Hunter III

Join us on March 11-18, 2019 for the best diving in the world!
Solomon Islands underwater photography 2
Early Bird!

Dive Trip to the Underwater Realm of Solomon Islands!

Let November 9-16, 2019 be just you and the ocean!

UW Fashion Master Class with Zena Holloway

Join us on May 5 - 9, 2019 for an UW fashion photography workshop with Zena Holloway!