Pepe Suarez | Underwater Photography Instructor

Pepe was always drawn to photography but other things were always in the way until one day he decided to buy an underwater camera, pack his bags and go to an adventure of a lifetime working on a liveaboard boat in Thailand.

Although it was very rewarding to learn everything on his own without anyone to help (not even any internet connection) it was also very frustrating and a very slow process to teach himself from trial and error. He has made every single mistake and because of this he always does his best to teach his students to not make any of them and this way their learning curve is a lot faster than his was.

2013 Mexico’s underwater photographer of the year.

2014 Fotosub, international Cuba underwater photography competition finalist

2015 overall winner at Verasub

2016 La Paz, Mexico’s underwater photography competition finalist.

  • Published photo articles for prestigious dive magazines
  • Worked as an underwater photographer for diving companies in Mexico, Thailand, Myanmar and Indonesia.
  • Worked as an underwater photography teacher in Mexico, South Africa and Mozambique.
  • Sold photo prints for customers worldwide.

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