Elisabetta Maccari | Yoga Teacher and Dive Instructor

Yoga on the beach boanire

Elisabetta is a Yoga Sensibile teacher and a PADI Master Instructor.

She is the only International Yoga Sensibile Teacher residing in Bonaire. “I feel like a gipsy! “Home is not a place… is a feeling”.  She follows the summer and the passion for the sea and that is why, in the 1997,  she became a scuba diving instructor.

After living in Italy, where she was born and she had the chance to learn to love the sea and the mountains, the snow and skiing, she has been living in Germany, Egypt, Thailand, Indonesia, Canaries, Seychelles, Mauritius, to finally land on Bonaire Island. After 20 years of practicing yoga, she is now teaching since 6 years, Yoga Sensibile in Bonaire. “Every day I find more analogies with scuba diving: the same going deep, the same attention to details, the same lightness and magic.”

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Yoga on the beach in Bonaire

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