Bonaire Underwater Photography Workshop 2016 Highlights!

Imagine waking up in a tropical paradise, grabbing your dive gear, loading a couple of tanks on the back of your pick-up truck and heading out to explore the wonderful treasures hidden underwater around the island!
This is what your average day looks like in Bonaire! No time limit, no tank limit, just you and the ocean..

Last month we went on an adventure, to explore the shore diving capital of the world, while learning UW photography form a skilled professional and having a blast!

Here are some of the highlights for the week! Join us next year for another diving adventure in paradise and learn how to shoot like the pros!

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Danielle Mor
I love the ocean! I'm a Padi, SSI and ANDI dive instructor and a Watsu (Water Shiatsu) therapist. I've worked in Mexico, Israel, India and Croatia and led dive trips around the world. I think that we should be in the water as much as possible! Join me on my journey to explore the underwater world!