Bonaire Dive Sites:


One of the most popular dive sites in Bonaire. The extraordinary underwater scenery consists of coral walls, caves and enormous coral structures. The most common marine life you will encounter are Sea Horses, Parrot Fish, Tiger Fish, Sniperfish, Angelfish and many others. Depth ranges between 6m to 30m, fits divers of all levels and accessible from shore.

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Bari Reef

The most diverse reef in the island in terms of marine life. Over 300 species of fish have been spotted here. It is recommended to dive at a depth of 9m-18m where most marine life can be found.
The reef is accessible from shore (Sand Dollar Resort) and is known for its huge biodiversity, although strong currents are not uncommon.

Diving in Bonaire - Shrimp

Sweet Dreams

A site accessible by boat or from the shore, but more recommended to get to on a boat due to strong currents. On this site you can spot big fish, rays, turtles and very impressive corals and sponges. The depth ranges between 9m-30m. The corals on this dive are especially lush in the shallow depths with large formations of stony species as you go deeper.

“Hilma Hooker”

If you are into wreck dives, the Hilma is one of the best wrecks found in Bonaire. It used to be a cargo ship but was sunk in 1984 and transformed into a spectacular dive site, resting on its side and covered with colorful orange coral. The ship is a whopping 242 feet long.
Among the wreck you will probably spot fish such as Barracudas, Tarpons and Eels which regularly use it for shelter. The site is recommended for experienced divers and is set at a depth of 10m-20m. It is situated in the southern part of the island and is accessible by boat or from the shore.

Angel City

Immediately after the Hilma you can find this great dive site, which is a good example of Bonaire’s double reef system – in which two reefs are separated with a sandy channel which runs between them.
The site is named after the friendly Angelfish which tend to follow divers during their dive. Entry and exit to the site is slightly tricky so go slow and mind the rocks and urchins.

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