6 Reasons Why Scuba Divers Make the Best Partners
Two scuba divers

We know everything is better, wetter, and safer with a buddy. But it’s not just our dive buddies that benefit from having us around, our scuba diving skills make us great partners on land too. To celebrate Dive Buddy Day (better known as Valentine’s Day), we’re spreading the word about why scuba divers make excellent partners.

Not only can we drop weight fast, but wearing a rubber suit is not just okay, it’s routinely allowed! Besides these jokes we’ve no doubt heard on a boat before, here are the top six reasons why you’re better off dating a diver.

1. We’re great at communication

You don’t have to worry about us not getting the hint that you’re ready to leave a party, just one glance and we know exactly what you mean! With so much experience communicating only with our eyes, hands, and muffled grunts, we’re practically telepathic. With us, you’ll have the best time without even saying a word.

2. We’re not easily grossed out

…by anything. Not even funky smells. It’s no secret that scuba diving isn’t exactly the most glamorous sport. From surfacing from a dive with something trailing out of your mask to booties filled with mysterious post-dive warm liquid, we’ve seen it all. And oddly enough, we’re cool with that. When you date a diver, you can feel 100% comfortable with just being yourself.

3. We take you on some pretty amazing holidays

Who would say no to lazing in the sun while sipping on Pina Coladas? Most diving holidays are in exotic destinations near the beach, so we’ll never argue about where to go. We’re even willing to arrange extra luxuries or activities to keep you happy so that we can go diving.

4. We’re very organized

No diver likes to be late or unprepared. We’ll never spend too much time getting ready and we’ll almost always have a cutting device when you need it. We know how to create a schedule and stick to it. We’re also great at making lists and checking them 5-10 times before leaving the house, so nothing ever gets left behind.

5. We have a great sense of direction

We learnt how to navigate using compass bearings and distinctive natural landmarks like a big rock or patch of sand. So not only can we easily tell where the cardinal points are, our navigation gets even better when there are roads and signs. Leave it up to us to get you to and from any destination safely.

6. We’ll never cheat on you

Not only do affairs cost money that could be better spent on scuba diving gear or diving trips, we’re not really interested in cheating on you. It’s only the ocean we’re interested in. If you can deal with sharing us with the sea, we’ll show our appreciation in the best of ways.

At the end of the day, scuba divers are a passionate bunch of people. We care deeply about the ocean, marine animals, keeping our buddies safe and, if you’re lucky, you! So the next time you’re tempted to laugh when your significant other proudly models a new wetsuit, keep in mind that this crazy obsession is the reason they’re as amazing as they are.

About Author

Maggie Roodt
Having previously worked as a copywriter in advertising, Maggie traded in her suit for a wetsuit to pursue a career in scuba diving. She’s currently certified as a divemaster, with the goal to become a technical and cave diver. When she’s not in the water, Maggie spends her time working for Dive and More as well as My Dive Pro. To her, scuba diving is much more than a hobby, it’s a lifestyle.


July 31, 2019
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