5 Reasons Scuba Diving Will Change Your Life

5 Reasons Scuba diving will change your life

Throughout history, mankind has been on a pursuit after the impossible. We want to break the boundaries of our own nature, go where no man has gone before, achieve the unachievable, prove our mothers wrong!

Reaching outer space, flying in the sky, breathing underwater… What else can one wish for?

Scuba diving doesn’t take you to the moon, but it’s pretty darn close. The underwater world is the closest thing to outer space on this tiny rock we call earth and exploring it is one of the best things I’ve ever decided to do in my life. Here’s why:

Manchones Reef Isla Mujeres Scuba DIving


Have you ever taken a jungle tour, where you walk around for hours, trying to spot that elusive cheetah hiding in the trees, or a Giant Anteater who supposedly lurks around these areas but in 3 days you don’t even catch a glimpse of it? (true story, Brazil…)

Well this doesn’t happen underwater.

Nature is literally EVERYWHERE. All around you, the water is teeming with life. It’s like a giant aquarium, only you’re in it, and it’s completely wild and untamed. It’s mind boggling. And you know what the coolest thing is? You’re invisible! Fish couldn’t care less about your presence. You’re just another big fish in their eyes. In any direction you look, you will see wild animals feeding, mating, parenting, birth, death, hunting, hiding, LIFE!

If you ask me, this is the most beautiful show on earth. Yes, better than Mamma Mia.

Scuba Girl


You’re underwater, and you’re breathing… How cool is that??

Whether you loved AquaMan comics as a child, or watched Kevin Costner dive like a dolphin in Water World, I bet breathing underwater is high on your list of desired superpowers (I know, flying or seeing through walls is also cool, but don’t push it…).

Even if it’s for a limited amount of time, feeling like a superhero for an hour is frickin’ awesome. You’re even wearing a tight full body suit! Too bad a cape doesn’t fit under the tank. Or does it…?

Musa Isla Mujeres Scuba Diving


Remember that thing that pulls you down with every step? That annoying reminder that you get every Monday morning when you roll out of bed? That invisible force that prevents you from being the next Michael Jordan?

Well forget about it! There is no gravity underwater!

Ok, I might have gone a little too far. It’s not outer space. There is gravity, otherwise the ocean would simply float away with you inside it. However, it FEELS like there’s no gravity!

When you’re scuba diving, you work on becoming neutrally buoyant. Once you reach that point, you’re free to roam that 3D world as you please! Up, down, left, right, legs up, somersaults – anything is possible! The feeling of floating on your head, peeking into a little cave to try and spot a crab or pufferfish hiding in the dark, is like no other.

Also, putting aside political correctness, weightlessness is the reason fat people love scuba diving!


Ok, I guess number 4 took you a bit by surprise. If anything, Sharks should be a reason NOT to dive? Right?

WRONG! There are so many misconceptions about sharks, that I don’t even know where to start, but to sum it up – Sharks are awesome.

Diving with Sharks is one of the most calming yet exciting things you will ever do. Being down there yourself, mentally fighting against everything our culture has taught you since you were born, and understanding that sharks are actually harmless, and incredibly beautiful, is something every person should try in their lifetime.

You will also get ultimate respect from your friends and family when you tell them about your recent dive surrounded by dozens of Sharks!

Scuba Girl with fish in wreck


If you’ve ever tried meditating, you probably know that it’s all about breathing. Our breath connects us with ourselves, with our bodies, and serves as an anchor that pulls us away from our day-to-day life, worries and troubles. When we scuba dive, we are put in an almost meditative state, alone with our breath and the soft humming of the ocean in our ears.

As soon as I hit the water, everything else fades away into the blue. Life is simple, clear, beautiful. I forget all my worries and concentrate on breathing and enjoying the wonderful nature around me. There’s really nothing else like it.


If you like scuba diving as much as I do, share your thoughts in the comments! How does scuba diving make you feel?

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