Photo Trip to the Underwater Realm of Solomon Islands!

Solomon Islands are breathtaking above and under the water, full of green mountains and turquoise waters as far as the eye can see. The sunrise and sunset in the area are among the most beautiful you’ve ever seen. This will be your view for an entire week when staying aboard the Taka liveaboard and cruising around the different Islands of this unique destination.

We’re more than just another dive travel company, we’re a family of ocean-loving superheroes who are committed to sharing our passion with the world. Because we’re divers ourselves, we know that our customers are adventurers, thrill seekers – you have more than one hobby, so why not combine them? We take pride in our tailor-made trips that allow you to have the best of both worlds!

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Yoga on the beach in Bonaire

Bonaire Dive and Yoga

The perfect destination to unwind above and under the water!
1-3 Days
Salt pier Bonaire

Bonaire Tailor-Made Underwater Photography Workshops

Epic Diving for UW photographers!
1-3 Days
Solomon Islands underwater photography 2
Last minute!

Dive Trip to the Underwater Realm of Solomon Islands!

Let November 9-16, 2019 be just you and the ocean!
Cozumel photography workshop

Cozumel Tailor-Made Scuba Diving Workshops

Epic Diving for UW photographers!
1-3 Days

Meet The Family!

We are all here to make your next trip an unforgettable experience!

Ran Mor - Trip Leader

Ran Mor

Co-Founder & Trip Leader

Aqua Spirit Dive Expedition Owner

Danielle Mor

Co-Founder & Trip Leader

Dive trip leader

David Girsh

Trip Leader & Eco Warrior

Iyar Ben Yehuda - Yoga Instructor

Iyar Ben Yehuda

Trip Leader & Yoga Instructor

Mike Corey

Mike Corey

Trip Leader & Filmmaker/YouTuber

Boaz Samorai under a Chevron Manta, Socorro, Mexico

Boaz Samorai

Trip Leader & Photography Expert

Pepe Suarez Ocean Nomads Underwater Photography Instructor

Pepe Suarez

Underwater Photography Instructor

Lorenzo Mittiga underwater photography instructor

Lorenzo Mittiga

Underwater Photography Instructor

Yoga on the beach boanire

Elisabetta Maccari

Yoga teacher & Dive instructor


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Alan Zakem

Cozumel Tailor-Made Scuba Diving Workshops

Had an amazing time diving and learning from Ran last month in Cozumel! I have been a professional fine art photographer for over 10 years and was looking to get into UW photography. I have always preferred private or semi-private workshops over large classes, so I was excited when I found Aqua Spirits web site. Ran assisted in the UW housing purchasing decisions before meeting in Cozumel for the lessons. It was immediately apparent that Ran was extremely knowledgeable in every aspect of UW photography and that he enjoyed sharing this knowledge. I feel that I learned more from him

Cozumel Tailor-Made Scuba Diving Workshops

WOW!!! Was I lucky! On March 11, 2016, I was in Cozumel, diving. Ran was in Belize, but was coming to Cozumel, so I met him for lessons on the bundle that I had bought from him, in Nov. I have had several underwater cameras and could figure out, nicely, how to use them. However, when I bought my Canon G16 and Fantasea light, I felt totally lost! I was in WAY over my head, as they were so much more sophisticated than my previous cameras. I spent the entire day with Ran, learning how to operate my new "toy".
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