Dive Flag Jewelry

The holidays are getting closer and this is a great time to get an awesome present for your diver friends and family, or even a little treat for yourself!! This way you can feel that you are a diver even in the rare occasions that you are out of the water.

You can choose from a number of cool products –  Dive flag rings, pendants, earrings and key chains. Or the newest product – O-ring bracelet and O-ring anklet.  There is something for everyone! The founder of the Dive Flag Jewelry – Evonne, is an experienced jeweler and an enthusiastic diver, she combined her two passions and created a stunning line of products.

We have a special offer for our clients – When you purchase on Dive Flag Jewelry website, you receive 5% discount on all the products when checking out. Just use our discount code!

Coupon Code - asd5


Earring With Dive Flag

Pendant With Dive Flag - Includes 18" Neck Wire

Pendant On O-ring Bracelet

Pendant With Dive Flag - Includes Chain

Pendant On O-ring Anklet

Dive Flag Key Chain

Dive Flag Ring

Pendant With Dive Flag - Includes Braided Leather Cord