scuba-dm: Dive Site: Million Dollar Point, Vanuatu 7-40+…


Dive Site: Million Dollar Point, Vanuatu 7-40+ metres…
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GP Hydroplane, Jack Lupton #gphydroplane…

GP Hydroplane, Jack Lupton

#gphydroplane #goldcoastliquidlightning #hydroplane
#JackLupton (at Gold Coast Liquid Lightning)

GP Hydroplane vs F1 Outboard Unlimited vs 6 Litre…

GP Hydroplane vs F1 Outboard Unlimited vs 6 Litre Unlimited
Queensland Cup on the Gold Coast Liquid Lightning 2016.
This is the last 2 laps after Damien Mckenzie in the F1 got a great lead in the first lap and Ken Lupton in the GP chased him down.
#f1boatracing #gphydroplane #goldcoastliquidlightning (at Gold Coast Liquid Lightning)

Rescue diving the F1 and GP power boat racing (at Gold Coast…

Rescue diving the F1 and GP power boat racing (at Gold Coast Liquid Lightning)

When things go wrong, the rescue team is here to help (at Gold…

When things go wrong, the rescue team is here to help (at Gold Coast Liquid Lightning)

Lettuce Coral, South Great Barrier Reef, Australia #Underwater…

Lettuce Coral, South Great Barrier Reef, Australia
#Underwater #Scuba #lettucecoral

Evening cruise on the Maroochy River, Sunshine Coast…

Evening cruise on the Maroochy River, Sunshine Coast .
#MaroochyRiver #Sunset #SunshineCoast (at Maroochy River)

Top 5 Point Guards Of All Time

Being a bigger point guard Johnson’s game wasn’t build around speed & athleticism like Derrick Rose & Russell Westbrook’s, Johnson was a pass first player. He’s ability to find a open player was breath taking. Magic could play anywhere on the court from 1-5 like In the 1980 Finals when Kareem went down with a badly sprained ankle and the 6’9″ Johnson was asked to step in at center in Game 6 with LA up three games to two. Magic responded with 42 points, 15 rebounds, and seven assists. Magic was know for his iconic smile and rivalry with Larry Bird.Stats: 19.5 PPG 11.2 APG 5.5 RPG 1.9 SPGAccomplishments: 1980 All-Rookie Team, 12x All-Star, 3x MVP, 10x All-NBA, 5x Champion, 3x Finals MVP, 4x Assists Leader, 2x Steals Leader, Member of Hall of FameTeams: Lakers

The Big O was the King of the triple double! The league then had never seen anyone like him before. Unfortunately, he came up during the Celtic/Russell era and was only able to win one ring when he teamed up with Kareem in 1971 on the Bucks. More info about Kevin Durant Height…

Stats: 25.7 PPG 9.5 APG 7.5 RPG

Accomplishments:  1961 Rookie of the Year, 12 x All-Star, 1 x MVP, 11 x All-NBA, 6 x Assists Leader, Member of  Hall of Fame

Teams: Royals, Lakers

The art of the assist, Stockton was  a true leader out on the court and would always find a open man for a easy basket. Stockton was more your typical point guard “Pass first” and was well known for his dynamic duo with Karl “Mailman” Malone. The two where the true masters of the pick & roll play. Stockton is also the all-time leader in steals & assists.

Stats: 13.1 PPG 10.5 APG 2.1 RPG 2.2 SPGAccomplishments:  10 x NBA All-Star, 11 x All-NBA,  5 x All-Defense, 9 x Assists-Leader, 2 x Steal-Leader, Member of Hall of FameTeams: Jazz

at 6’1 “Zeke” was a little dynamo. He was one of the great villans of all time and still is, being part of the “bad-boy Pistons” that won two straight championships and not even a young athletic Michael Jordan could beat. Despite playing in the Magic, Bird & Jordan era Isiah didn’t give a damn as all he wanted was to win. One of the true legends he was.

Stats: 19.2 PPG 9.3 APG 3.6 RPG 1.9 SPG

Accomplishments: All-Rookie Team, 12 x All-Star, 1 x Finals MVP, 5 x All-NBA, 2 x Assists-Leader, 2 x NBA Champion, Member of Hall of FameTeams: Pistons

Bob Cousy was one of the players that made the NBA what it is today. He and the Celtics started the fast break with Russell blocking the shot then sending it off to Cousy who’d run the break. Cousy handles where way ahead of his time like nobody had even seen, his passes where also always nice and crisp aswell as it seemed like he was playing in a Harlem Globetrotters game. Cousy won 6 titles with the Celtics including 5 straight!Stats: 18.4 PPG, 7.5 APG, 5.2 RPGAccomplishments: 13 x All Star, 1 x MVP, 12 x All-NBA, 8 x Assists Leader, 6 x Champion, Member of Hall of FameTeams: Celtics/Royals

Out for a morning bike ride. With views like these, why stay in…

Out for a morning bike ride. With views like these, why stay in bed😊 (at Kenilworth, Queensland)

Easy Method That Will Recognize The Signs Of Diabetes

There are actually few typical diabetes symptoms we are able to recognize whenever blood sugar levels have both raised or dropped under normal ranges. Numerous urination, increased thirst, and also increased water intake are all indications of diabetes. 

Because the urine is not able to reabsorb the glucose, it affects the osmotic pressure inside the urine. This forces our kidneys to increase the amount of work making more water to be taken away by the body.When this process persists it will cause an increase fluid consumption. 

With rising high blood sugar ranges, the symptoms get more serious. Blurred sight, confusion, lethargy are common increasing signs of increasing levels which, when left untreated, can start to cause permanent damage. 

As the warning signs continue in seriousness, they might include stomach cramping, nausea, as well as vomiting. This may also be prelude by sever sweating.Monitoring someone for a gradual or immediate onset of such signs can be very significant in the therapy. 

Through noticing the warning diabetes signs, remedy can be used by your personal physician. When the later symptoms happen to be identified, for example confusion or lethargy, your urgent response plan or 911 systems needs to be notified since this might indicate that your glucose amounts have risen too high that the patient has entered a state often known as DKA.

If a person seems to have any of these symptoms of diabetes, they should look for medical treatment as well as examining. Early diagnosis of diabetes could possibly be your best tool for curing and monitoring severe blood sugars. People that ignore such signs could have severe prolonged problems on vital organs or even unchecked blood sugars can result in death.

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